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I wash my hands a lot...Lotions?

I'm kind of a 'germ a phob', So I wash my hands a lot, %26amp; they're all dry and they hurt and they're red, so I was wondering if there are any lotions that can help heal them..I wash my hands a lot...Lotions?
i've tried al ot of lotions, aveeno daily mosturizing lotion is the best in my opinion. it locks in moisture for 24 hours..although a lot of lotions say they do, you can honestly feel this one doing it. i put it on before bed and my hands are silky smooth all the next day and i can still feel the moisture. plus it can go anywhere..hands, body, face, whatever. hope this helpsI wash my hands a lot...Lotions?
ok i am kinda the smae my hands get SOOOOOOOOO RED and DRY and FLAKEY!!!!!!!!! but its cuz of the cold weather where i live!!! so i have tried almost every kind of lotion possible!!! and the best is the body butters u get at body shop!!!! go and get the mango kind its specially designed for VERY dry skin!! and i know its called body butter and not hand lotion but still it works!!!!!
Olay Quench! This lotion is amazing. I use it every day after my shower and I never have to re-apply. With other lotions, I used to have to put lotion on every time I washed my hands, but since I started using Quench, I don't have to.
olay quench.

olay quench has pretty glitter in it and it has hav shea butter, vitamins E %26amp; B3.

i had this problem where my knees and elbows would get chalky but they dont anymore!! it makes your skin ULTRA soft, i can promise you that

hope i helped, help me please???;鈥?/a>
Gold Bond Lotion with Chamomile is the best that I found. I have problems with dry skin. The chamomile doesn't have fragrance either, so it doesn't sting or burn.
same here. my hands are so dry eucerin lotion stings my hands.Try Aveeno.
Your so stupid, use lotion
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  • My hands sorely need a moisturizing cream but all I have are lotions. What should I do?

    The absolute Number One BEST Hand Cream in the world is L'Occitane Hand Cream with 20% Shea Butter. It's pricey, but worth every penny. I full-size tube will last about 5-6 months. It's super rich but doesn't stay greasy and you don't need to keep putting more on after washing your hands. It will even repair the little cracks around your nails- AMAZING! I live in Canada and our skin gets seriously dry- it's the only one that works.My hands sorely need a moisturizing cream but all I have are lotions. What should I do?
    I use olankas moisturizing cream (it's new) but it is not greasy and it has no alcohol so it will not dry skin one application in the morning will do the job. google Olankas moisturizing cream and read all about it it's all natural and it last because you use very little. Report Abuse
    My hands sorely need a moisturizing cream but all I have are lotions. What should I do?
    use glycerin. it's cheap and effective, because the glycerin is regarded as a traditional moistralizer.
    Buy something with a lot of shea butter in it.

    yucky but works!
    Pure coconut oil, usually available in East Asian ethnic grocery stores is best. Cover with gloves and leave for at least 1-2 hours (best at night)
    Vasoline works, but you'll need to use it at night and sleep with gloves on. Try Curel Ultra Healing Lotion, I think it works the best and it absorbs pretty well. Lotions and creams are really the same thing, just try to stay away from heavy frangrances and look for the word ';healing'; on the package.
    you need Shea Butter my dear, cooling and sooooothing!
    What I heard that works as an intensive treatment is making ';vaseline gloves.'; It's where one puts vaseline into a laytex glove(the kind DR use), and wares them for an hour or so to moisturize one's hands or one can ware them while one sleeps, but do be careful the oils in vaseline can cause the gloves to ';break down'; after a few uses. Also instead of vaseline one can use ';cream lotion'; of some sort the main thing is to get your hand to absorb the moisturizer.

    I have dry hands and I find that lotions do not help much....?

    Alright, so I've got dry hands especially where my palms are and I'm quite embarrassed about it (I'm a guy). I hesitate on holding peoples hands, especially on dates, my hands feel rough most of the time. I put lotion on it but it feels like it only glazes my hands, not go into my skin.

    Help?I have dry hands and I find that lotions do not help much....?
    You can try this use aloe vera gel after bathing on the dry areas.There are many helpful tips to cure dry skin at have dry hands and I find that lotions do not help much....?
    Eucerine cream, thick at night with gloves works wonders for me, during the winter i mix it with hydrocortisone cream and it hands always get worse during the winter. Vaseline has never helped me, it might for you. Also put lotion on as soon as you get out of the shower or the bath while your pores are open, it soaks in better!
    You may have a condition called exzema, it responds fairly well to hydrocortisone cream 1% topical solution if this fails it is possible that you could have psoriasis or contact dermatitis and in that case you may need a prescription from your G.P ( general practioner
    Try Cornhuskers. You can buy it at most drug stores and Walmart.
    I tend to have really dry skin also, and I just use St. Ives Collagen Elastin lotion and it works great. I also have sensitive skin and this lotion doesn't bother it at all and it is fragrant free.
    some people get excellent results from putting vaseline on their hands at bedtime and then wearing cotton gloves over their hands. Within days, they hands are soft and all cracks are gone. Might be worth a try.
    I highly recommend that you purchase a jar of Eucerin or Cetaphyl cream and massage this into your hands.. it works wonders on dry hands.. :)
    Sugar Scrub

    Just put sugar on your hand , scrub with water , then Rinse .. Volia ~~ It works like magic / also try not to use things LIKE DISHWASHING LIQIUD( caps sorry ) and yeah
    Try nivea hand lotion...that should work

    Severly dried & cracked hands,no lotions have helped,they hurt so bad..heeeeelp?

    i work w/ a woman which is in her mid 50's ,type 2 diabetes,and in the last 10 yrs has gone through chemo therapy... her hands are so severly dried out and cracked open,we work in food and the gloves which we have to wear she has to wear a cloth glove and apply alot of lotion to keep her hands hydratedso it doesnt hurt so bad,shes gone to 2 different skin doctors and neither has done anything b/c they're so bad...she never had this problem til taking chemo,which she isnt on anymore,but it all started with it as she says...i feel so sorry for her bc of all of this which ive had exzema on my feet and i know skin problems hurt really bad,if anyone could help id really appricate it ,thank youSeverly dried %26amp; cracked hands,no lotions have helped,they hurt so bad..heeeeelp?
    VO 5 hair ointment works wellSeverly dried %26amp; cracked hands,no lotions have helped,they hurt so bad..heeeeelp?
    try ';bag balm'; it is in a green square metal canister and you can get it at farming type stores. it smells, but it works. It started out as a cream that farmers put on cow's udders to keep them from chapping. they discovered that thier hands started healing up too.
    Drink plenty of water and I like a product called ';Bag Balm'; I love that stuff. Put it on your hand before bed and put cotton gloves on, its wonderful. I put the balm on my heels when my heels were cracked. I big container is only about 5 would be worth a try. You could also have her try Corn Huskers Lotion, its sorta like bag balm but more like a liquid.
    Bag Balm is what they used in the hospital when my son was so sick. Yes, humans use it for dry skin, cracked hands and feet. It is cheap too.

    see the link below
    try vicks vapo rub at night with cotton takes awhile but it sure helped my feet
    clean your hands with an oil-free skin cleanser such as Cetaphil or SFC Lotion

    To smooth and soothe irritated hands, mix a few drops of glycerin with a few drops of lemon oil [both are available at pharmacies]. Massage this into your hands at bedtime

    To remove the top layer of dead skin cells from chapped hands, Schorr recommends a weekly sloughing treatment. ';Process 1 cup of uncooked, old-fashioned (not instant) rolled oats in a blender until you have a very find powder. Place it in a large bowl, then rub your hands in the powder, gently removing dry skin. Rinse with cool water, pat dry, and lavish on hand cream. Wait 2 minutes and apply more cream.';

    I have alway had dry hands, even growing up. I always use moisturiser/lotions etc.?

    I always wonder if this is some kind of deficiency from birth or its just my skin type. I used to avoid holding hands, especially with men, I tend to give them the tip of my hands if I have shake hands! I'm not fixated or anything, just curious - maybe someone has an answer!I have alway had dry hands, even growing up. I always use moisturiser/lotions etc.?
    You might have excema... thatz what I have.

    As soon as you get out of the shower, or wash your hands, you shud put a thin coat of vaseline on, you'll see that you won't have flaky hands ne more.

    Also, some causes of dry skin are...

    The oil glands do not supply enough lubrication to the skin. As a result, the skin becomes dehydrated.

    Skin gets exposed to the elements especially in winter.

    Dry skin could be due to a genetic condition.

    Poor diet. Nutritional deficiencies, especially deficiencies of vitamin A and the B vitamins, can also contribute to dry skin.

    Environmental factors such as exposure to sun, wind, cold, chemicals, or cosmetics, or excessive bathing with harsh soaps.

    Conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or seborrhea.

    Also, you should see a darmatologist, because it might be a disease.I have alway had dry hands, even growing up. I always use moisturiser/lotions etc.?
    HEY! I know how you feel. I get extremely dry hands (mainly from washing them too much), and the best thing for me is Aveeno unscented hand lotion ;-) I keep a bottle at home, and a travel bottle in my purse. Kiehls hand cream works very well too, and it's unscented and won't dry out your hands.

    My boyfriend got me the spa gloves from Bath %26amp; body works, and I use them for 30 minutes when my hands get severely dry, and it works WONDERS!
    I had the same problem when I was younger. I suggest you drink more water, and take fish oil tablets.
    Get Hemp Hand Protection, from The Body Shop, works wonders!
    Dry skin is usually a deficiency in diet. If you eat a lot of salads and light food, try eating more breads, and balanced whole foods. Moisturizer, over time, makes it worse. You're skin will stop secreting the natural oils since it is now over taken by the moisturizer.
    I have this problem too. You have apply moisturizer several times during the day. Use rubber gloves for dishwashing, housecleaning, and any other situation where your hands will be in hot water and/or soap, such as washing the car. Apply skin moisturizer at night before going to bed. I heard you should apply lots of lotion, then wear cotton gloves to bed but that doesn't sound comfortable to me.

    I do notice the difference when I user moisturizer frequently and rubber gloves for all washing chores.
    Drink lots of water everyday!!
    try aquaphor ointment----put it on at night and wear gloves or socks over your hands for the night. Have you considered eczema or an allergy?

    I have very dry, dry, dry hands. Any lotions/remedies that actually works?

    My hands are really dry. They are chapped and cracking...and even to the point where it bleeds. Please help.I have very dry, dry, dry hands. Any lotions/remedies that actually works?
    EucerinI have very dry, dry, dry hands. Any lotions/remedies that actually works?
    Olay quench works very good
    mine were like that, now they are wayyy soft, but put some UNSCENTED lotion on them every night, scented lotion will hurt. thats wat i did now they are soft,, it works.
    gob a whole bunch of vaseline on your hands and then put socks over them do that for about 3 days and you will no longer have this problems. Do it at night when your sleeping.

    Another good hand creme is Eucerin calming creme
    buy yourself some cheap surgical type gloves. Slather your hands with plain vaseline and slip the gloves on before you go to bed. Do this every night until your hands soften again.

    then all you have to do after that is use a light coat of vaseline before you go to bed.

    It washes off with regular soap

    During the day - use a good quality hand cream whenever you think of it and definitely every time after you wash your hands.
    First, go to a well stocked drug store chain and purchase Bag Balm (commonly used for chapped cracked cow's teats-hey whatever works right?), ALSO, in the drug store, they should have COTTON gloves (not latex, not rubber--COTTON). At bedtime, fill your sink or a large bowl with olive oil and water. Soak your hands for few minutes, blot dry gently. Then, smather your hands with the Bag Balm, put the gloves on, hop in bed, go to sleep. Do that for about a week and you should see a vast improvement. Hope it helps.

    dead sea salt and oil scrub. it will work wonders for your hands. use a thick lotion or body butter. something that has coco butter and shea butter.
    Try something called ';Surgeon's Secret';. The only place I know of to get it is on QVC. It's different than other things %26amp; it really works. It has, among other things, bees wax in it %26amp; it stays on your hands %26amp; protects them from water %26amp; whatever else. My hands were like yours, from very hard water. They were so dry they were cracking %26amp; bleeding %26amp; it stung %26amp; hurt really bad. Nothing else I tried seemed to really help much. If you call QVC, you can tell them the name of the product %26amp; they will look it up %26amp; you can order it %26amp; have it in a few days. I hope this helps. Good Luck!!!
    Make lotion your favorite potion. Every time you wash your hands, put on a little moisturizer afterward, says Dr. Glaser. With every washing, you’re removing moisture-encasing oils from your hands as well as dirt and grime. By applying a hand lotion, you replenish those lost oils and keep your skin from drying out. “Find a hand lotion that you like and keep it near your sink and in your purse or desk, so that you can apply it to your hands after each time you wash them,” says Dr. Glaser.

    Over-the-counter lotions do just fine, says Stephen Schleicher, M.D., co-director of the Dermatology Center in Philadelphia. He recommends any of the following for his patients: Alpha Keri, Aquaderm, Aquaphor, Complex 15, Curel, Cutemol, Dermasil, Derma Centre, Eucerin, Keri, Lubriderm, Oil of Olay, Pen-Kera, and UltraDerm.

    Other Wise Ways

    Soften your soaps. The harsher the soap, the more oils and moisture you’ll strip from your hands. Dr. Glaser suggests that you wash your hands with a gentle hand cleanser such as Dove or Oil of Olay. These soaps contain emollients, which are agents that soften or smooth the skin.

    Oil ’em up. To buy a simple hand cream at the cosmetics department of your local department store, you might have to pay a small fortune. But just stroll down the vegetable oil aisle in the supermarket to find a hand moisturizer that’s just as good and a lot less expensive. Regular vegetable shortening like Crisco soothes cracked, dry hands, Dr. Glaser says. To get the most out of the oil, rub it over your hands at night before you go to bed. Then put on a pair of old gloves. Not only will the gloves save you from ruining your linens but also they will force the oil to penetrate your skin, she says.

    Wear washup gloves, too. You often put your hands into terrible conditions: hot water, bathroom cleaners, ammonia, bleach. Protect them from the ravages of such harsh substances by wearing a pair of vinyl gloves with cotton liners. The vinyl outside keeps the water off your hands, while the cotton liner absorbs sweat so that your hands won’t get wet inside. Wear them whenever you wash dishes or use any other possible irritants such as chemicals and cleaning products.

    Tap into water. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day, says Dr. Glaser. Dry hands are the result of a lack of moisture in the skin, so not drinking enough water may aggravate dryness in the hands.
    I have also dry hands but your case is severe. I just use a lotion Nivea or Jergens and it works well.

    I presumed that you have see your doctors and you received already a lot of advice and medication. Your hands are very delicate and have some sort of allergy in some environment.

    Depending on your work, you can try to make use of your hands lesser if possible especially when exposing your hands to becoming wet.

    Sometimes the more that the hands are subjected to water or other liquid the more problems you get. Also try to avoid too much washing of your hands. If you use a lotion, the lotion will be removed if you frequently wash your hands. If there are nice disposable gloves available in the store, you can just adopt a style of wearing gloves every time until your hands have recovered but continue to avoid your hands from washing.

    The drying of water in your hands affect your skin unless it's lotion or oil. I read this idea somewhere.
    Eucerin cream or Curel sensitive skin formula.

    Good luck.
    If it bleeds often you should think about seeing a doctor. Try Bag Balm...originally it was used for cow's teets, its sounds weird, but try this. A little goes a long way, put it on your hands every night and put old socks on your hands, or I suppose you could use surgical gloves. If it's just your fingers and back of your hands you could use it several times a day without getting it on your palms.
    Any lotion with vitamin E should provide instant results. if it gets worse/continues I would go to the doctor because your condition sounds extreme.
    This is going to sound crazy but try coconut oil grease that is made for hair.Its sold in stores like Family Dollar.It works.
    Please don't think I am crazy, but I was in a very bad fire once. I had a lot of problems with my right hand. My Mother told me to rub Crisco vegetable shortning on my hands at night and sleep with gloves on my hand to allow the shortning to sink into my skin. It really worked.
    Ouch! No fun. I suggest Eucerin becuase it's very neutral, no heavy perfumes to irritate skin and excellent for dry cracked skin. I also use The Body Shop's Cocoa butter. It's a think creme that keeps my really dry skin moist. And smells wonderful--Hope it helps
    My mom was having the same problem and I got her someone Aveno products. Go look around at the pharmacy departments and see if there's anything that strikes your fancy. Every time your hands get wet, apply the lotion. Wear rubber gloves in you are in water and cleaners a lot, wear mittens or gloves when you go outside. Just keep slathering the lotion on them.
    SHEA BUTTER works best, especically if you put a 100% shea butter salve on at night before you go to bed.
    Ouch... My suggestion is too make sure any lotion you buy is thick, not runny. Something that has worked for our family is bag balm, it is for cows udder's, it works wonders. You won't believe the difference it makes. Put it on at night before you go to bed. My dad had hands just like yours from being outside in the elements all the time. Look on the internet for it or (I know this sounds silly) ask the vet. I am totally serious.
    First put vaseline on them and put white socks or if you can find them white gloves and sleep this way for several nights. Also, make sure to dry your hands after washing, very well. Also, if you are in water a lot check the detergent, it might be too harsh, try something new. Then after washing during the day use a little olive oil to rub into your hands and this will keep them moist, soft and repel water. Olive oil is also a healing thing. It is what we use to annoint people when we pray over them, the Lord used it for many things. It lowers cholesterol, heals, makes a great night cream for the face and feet also. Good luck.
    may be you should try the nivea caring lotion i use it it is indeed of great help it leaves your skin feather soft
    I also have very dry hands. I use lotion at least 5 times a day. I also put lotion on at night not rubbing it in totally, put on some disposable rubber gloves and leave them on all night. I do this every night. Alot of hassle but it seems to help some.
    I would suggest going to the doctor. But if that is not a possibility an over the counter product called hydrocortisone may help. Keeping your hands protected by using gloves as much as possible and using a good hand cream (perhaps one made with goat's millk) should help.
    I have found that Vaseline lotion (not jelly) works extremely well. as my hand get dry from working with lacquer thinner, and other reducers like that, plus the harsh soaps I use to get that off. When you put the lotion on heavily, then put on either lite cotton gloves or loose plastic gloves so the stuff does not wipe off onto other surfaces(bedsheets and the like and wear them nightly. A couple days and you will see the difference.
    Try using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, before bed. Mix your bathwater with several drops of Johnson's Baby oil. During the day make sure to use Nivea Skin Creme (the blue and white tube) or Johnson's Baby Lotion (pink bottle). Its probably due to dry cold winters or too much staying inside air conditioned rooms.
    Aquaphor Healing Ointment By Eucerin i also have horribly dry hands and this is the only things that has helped me i tried persciption creams that didnt do nothing for me but this seems to help alot i seen results within the first 48hrs if you wash your hands alot they even make a soap same brand and name check it out its worth a shot
    My daughter has psoriasis and has cracked skin sometimes. The doctor told me to put either Eucerin or Cetaphil on her hands she uses it during the day as a hand lotion. At night I apply LOTS of lotion, and put a sock on them overnight while she sleeps. It really helps heal the skin and they are both over the counter.

    good luck.
    I have this too. What I do is take plastic(Not latex!) gloves, and I first put some Cetaphil lotion on my hands, a little extra than I use, and rub it in. After that, I put on the gloves and keep them on for 20-30 minutes. And put lotion on your hands after each time you wash them
    Olay works great! Even try putting vasaline on your hands too..and leave it on over night.

    Very dry and calloused skin on my hands. I've tried many different lotions. None have worked.?

    I've even tried the gold bond healing crap and that don't work. And neither does that cow nipple stuff. Please help someone. My hands get to the point where they are so dry that they hurt.Very dry and calloused skin on my hands. I've tried many different lotions. None have worked.?
    Inner leaf gel of the Aloe Vera plant. This is in its live cell form.Very dry and calloused skin on my hands. I've tried many different lotions. None have worked.?
    you can use the fresh gel of Aloe vera twice a day ,you might get unpleasant smell but don't wash it wait tell it is absorbed by your skin,while treatment with aloe vera avoid using any perfume or alcohol based.
    Avon skin-so-soft rejuvenating peel-off hand mask. I use it 1st,then the hand cream. Use the hand cream after each time your hands have been in water(hand washing,dish washing,etc...) %26amp; at nights with gloves on at bedtime. That always works for me,but my son has very dry %26amp; cracked skin,esp in the winter %26amp; he has to get a prescription for his skin problem. Hope this helps. I really have had a lot of help from my dry hands from having them in water a lot %26amp; from just dry skin itself,%26amp; the avon hand mask really does help.
    You may have a skin condition. Go and see your doctor about it, they can prescribe an anti-fungal or something.
    Corn huskers is the best I have ever used and I use that on my heels in winter because they get so dry they crack open.
    Buy a stick of St. Helenes 100 % pure cocoa butter. It's about $2 at drugstores and is a heavy duty moisturizer.
    use johnsons body oil and cetaphil lotion or body butter
    I now use an all natural lotion through Shaklee call Enfuselle that works great. It has a triple patented vital repair complex that is second to none. If you want more info mail me back. You can also og through my website at


    I think you should probably go to a dermatologist, but you might also want to try removing some of the dead skin and then applying a strong moisturizer or even vaseline. I have heard people use cuticle cream in areas and per the instructions on the box to remove the dead skin, then use heavy moisturizer and wear moisturizing gloves.

    Wear the gloves to bed to keep your hands super hydrated.
    Corn Huskers is good, but you could try baby oil straight at night with gloves when you go to bed. You could try sloughing off the old skin with a pumice stone (found in cosmetic aisle) and then moisturize. It is best to use the stone with water and while your skin is softer, like during a shower. Use the stone while in the shower and then you have dried off and are ready for bed, then put on your moisturizer and gloves.

    If you want to give the bag balm (cow nipple stuff) another try, then try getting a bunch out and smear it on the front and back of your hands and just watch TV and let it soak in. My dad is a mason and during the winter his hands get so dried out from the mortar they crack. This has worked for him many times.

    If that does not work, then see a dermatologist.
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